Morning Pre Workout Meal Delicious, Quick, Easy

A+ Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancakes: 4 pancakes contains 320 calories, 5g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 60g carbs, 6.5g fiber, 8g sugar, 8g protein

Organic Peanut Butter: 4 tablespoons contains 400 calories, 34g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 14g carbs, 6g fiber, 2g sugar, 16g protein

Organic Wild Blueberry Spread: 4 tablespoons contains 120 calories, 0g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 32g carbs, 32g sugar, 0g protein

Totals: 840 calories, 39g fat, 106g carbs, 40g sugar, 24g protein

Add your choice of additional protein to perhaps wash it down.

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39 Responses

  1. What are your thoughts on the 2 ingredient pancakes of egg and banana for a preworkout meal?

  2. Go die, fuckin' retard. I hope your steroids kill you.

  3. Dude just get some cheap oats and some whey on it. Cant go wrong with that.

  4. Drama says:

    Damm they look soooooo good I just ate and I'm hungry again

  5. Drama says:

    Awsome I'm loving the beard your growing starten to look like Burl lol

  6. Lee Lee says:

    Cheers James I'll try this looks nice never thought of buying blue Berry jam either 👍

  7. Badger bush says:

    I like to start the morning with stretches
    Then a quick wank before I get out of bed.
    Then I eat 5 organic peanuts with a half cup of organic orange juice followed
    By a little bit of organic cinnamon
    3 cups of organic coffee with 5 to 6 lines of organic farmers market cocaine great pump full of energy for the workout which lasts 5minutes
    then it just a simple matter of running 46miles to work in under 20minutes.
    I do 4 more bumps at work and get 10 hours work done in 15minutes then its
    2 more lines run back home and then its strate in to bed for a nice old line of cocaine.

  8. _________ says:

    Jam and peanut butter is great in oats, too! Squats and oats

  9. Netherblood says:

    But didn't you say that we should not yet exactly before a workout as digestion messes up the pump

  10. Tuff Bud says:

    That full (salt/pepper) beard looks AWESOME, Tiny! What do you wash those pancakes down with? Prefer good dark honey with peanut butter–and I drink Welch's grape juice with it. Real grape juice is one of the BEST liquids a human can imbibe. Drank in quantity, it literally flushes out the body.

  11. Mugs says:

    Wow that looks delicious

  12. jay dukes says:

    How do get a g rilla shirt

  13. J.J. D. says:

    he forgot the other 2 MAIN ingredients that only someone eating pancakes can gain muscle on…hgh and humalog…;)

  14. That looks really good. I just bought a large bag of sweet potatoes at Costco. I'll bet there's a youtube vid showing how to make homemade sweet potato pancakes.

  15. Kinda of funny you eating organic…with all the steroids you've pumped through your bod bro, you permanently poisoned your system. lol i like the spirit though

  16. I'm pretty sure I've siad this before but you deserve more subscribers. Great video👌

  17. mikedeek says:

    What store do you get them in ?

  18. I’ve tried eating before I train mornings. Can’t do it. If I’m training in the morning , I’ll carb load the entire day before. Even at night before bed. Wake up, train fasted (except for coffee with half n half followed by liter of water, followed by sugar free PW) . Great workouts. Muscles filled with glyco from food day beforehand. Food free stomach so all the blood goes to muscles, not stomach for digestion. BUT, to each their own. Bon apetit James!

  19. I eat a lot of the same foods….
    So I'm always trying to see how it affects me…
    I ate a box of pasta the evening/night before my big workout and had a GREAT workout the next day…😕

    Just tried somthing knew…

    I know y'all can all come at me with this study that study…

    Just a suggestion…
    I don't think it will hurt you to give it a try….

  20. R S says:

    Don't know how people eat right before their workout. All that blood going to your stomach and away from the muscles your are trying to work. Not mention feeling sick the whole time. Should be at least an hour before.

  21. Where can you buy these I've never seen them before and I food shop a lot

  22. Hey tiny it would be very useful to post more meal ideas…

  23. Taco Platter says:

    Are you still going vegan?

  24. Great vid….
    Always looking for new meal ideas
    Since I am not trying to spend 200$ a week on food…

    For you oatmeal people try cinnamon and blueberry surger free jam… No syrup

    With eggs and turkey bacon with contry style gravey…

    That will run you about 3 dollars.
    Assuming your not eating 10 eggs and 10 slices of bacon…

    Oh and I already know the gravy is not the best thing on earth to eat.

  25. ThinkSimply says:

    Dude, you need a pony tail

  26. Ron Tobisch says:

    Gday Tiny, in the near future, could you do a video on how to work out (track) protein and carbs, eg: quantity of certain foods etc, cheers mate

  27. Andy Evans says:

    2 bananna and coffee for me lol

  28. An hour is nowhere near time to digest and absorb food. Carbs take at least 3 hours to get to muscles

  29. I usually get eggo waffles….two scoops of peanut butter and honey.. Sandwhich style lol

  30. haha i used to do something similar but with crappy eggo pancakes, now i just eat some cream of wheat with a banana and peanutbutter

  31. Chuck Rose says:

    Good stuff James Tiny! I appreciate you sharing the evolution of your diet

  32. Mr Dr clark says:

    Looks Good! Hopefully I can find them in my local supermarket

  33. AlabamaJRB says:

    I enjoy a good steak&eggs&hashbrowns for myself before a workout(about 45 mins-1hour before). I'll have to give James' a go.

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