A message of AKSHAY KUMAR (Fitness workout & Diet secrets) anyone can follow

Akshay follows an elaborative workout schedule and diet plan to stay in shape. His name in the Hindi film industry is synonymous with health and fitness. Akshay is known as an action hero, who even has some good comedy movies to his name.
The self-made superstar, it is not widely known that even before Akshay entered Bollywood, he used to be a fitness freak and practiced martial arts. He was awarded the prestigious black belt in Taekwondo. Later on, he moved to Bangkok and Thailand to further learn other forms of martial arts and Muay Thai. Akshay kumar’s fitness still makes him top among other superstars. After years of tough physical training, follow his fitness routine strictly, and practicing adventure sports, Akshay found himself confident enough to perform his own stunts. He doesn’t use a body-double in his films. Despite his packed schedule, Akshay makes a point to stick to his diet plan and exercise regime and this is why he has a body to lookout for!

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