10 Minute CARDIO HIIT | Quick + Effective Metabolism Boosting Workout without Equipment

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We are working on PLYOMETRIC CARDIO and FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH with 12 tough BODYWEIGHT-only exercises performed in very short intervals and stacked into triplets. This is a heart-pounding HIIT workout, designed to improve your balance, agility and coordination with no equipment needed.



Warm Up and Cool Down:

Exercise Time:
10 minutes

MAIN WORKOUT (timer is set for 15 seconds; complete the triplet of exercises before resting; complete each triplet three times before moving on to the next set):
Side Shuffles + Side Tappers + Side Step Squats
Ski Jumpers + Ice Skaters + Curtsy Lunges
Single Leg Skiers (left) + Single Leg Skiers (right) + Squats
Single Leg Burpees (left) + Single Leg Burpees (right) + Push Ups

15-second Reverse Plank Hold

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7 Responses

  1. Holy crap! Another awesome, short and crazy sweaty workout! Thanks, Pahla!

  2. your finisher finished me but I will still say thank you::)

  3. Karen D says:

    12 minutes is great – we can all find that amount of time in our day . Crazy i know, but tomorrow is my day off so im doing days 1-4 . Love all your workouts well done I like the way you're humble but super fit it's a good balance 💪👊

  4. Karen D says:

    My favourite so far! Thank you 👊

  5. This was definitely the hardest one yet but also my favorite!

  6. Kitty Jin says:

    Love it! This is really fun! My heart rate is up through the roof! Thank you for the great video in this super busy time of the year! Your 12 min morning call is gonna keep me energetic all day long 😙

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