7 Minute Leg Workout to Lose Leg Fat Fast and Tone your Thighs

The video shows the 7 Minute Leg Workout, a simple high intensity routine of 7 minute to tone muscles and lose leg fat fast. The routine is based on a study by the McMaster University that showed that 7 minute of HIIT are sufficient for:

– Training the muscles
– Maximizing caloric consumption
– Burning fat
– Reducing the risk of cardio vascular diseases


Legs training app:

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Just 7 minutes a day to get perfect legs. This fitness routine doesn’t require any equipment.


Important. Warnings and conditions:

Consult your doctor efore undertaking any physical activity. The 7 Minute Leg Workout video is designed simply for illustrative purposes. So it is you who must choose how to train in full awareness and with full responsibility.

Warnings: https://www.ego360.com/terms.php


The 7 Minute Leg Workot video is created for LumoWell / LumoFit project by Ego360

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26 Responses

  1. Ebonyaa 1 says:

    Wow, just finished this💪🏽💦 The floor exercises burn a lot more that expected. It also burned bc of the repeated different squat excercises💖

  2. i am 15yrs old,166 cm tall, weigh 58 kilos.. i did this exercise but ut didnt make me sweat. does that mean i did it wrong??

  3. How many calories does this burn??

  4. Don't think you should tell us how to do the exercise while we are doing it, but good video otherwise!

  5. John Tan says:

    Does this make a guys butt bigger?

  6. Mayung Kim says:

    Has anyone tried it?

  7. Xmas Lover says:

    I really like this excercise! It feels really good on my legs!

  8. Cookie 5813 says:

    Does this workout work on its own or does it need to be done in addition to cardio workouts? Also, how often would you need to do this workout? Thanks.

  9. xoxonn n says:

    guys seriously do these everyday and it helps so much i lost 2kj in 4 days just doing these and 20min on the treadmill(but DO IT everyday)

  10. i think this is the best work out ive seen so far. I'm gonna keep doing it for a month and after that I'll update u in case this works((:

  11. I've been doing a variety of exercises during the day using the knee cap and while doing this exercise it has started to hurt. Is it from overusing?

  12. How much weight would I loose in a month if I do this every day?

  13. Wasn't very helpful 🙁 Didn't tell me what to do and when it did I didn't have enough time to adjust

  14. how many calories can I lost everytime with this?

  15. Should I do this workout everyday or every other day?

  16. allylauren g says:

    In the middle of the work out my leg started feeling really stiff

  17. pradeep grg says:

    I am doing this for 1 week and I am losing my weight slowly

  18. I did one of these videos and I lost 2 pounds in a week!

  19. Nice work out I'm a kid and it made me sweat

  20. How long until you start to see the results??

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