How to Eat Like a Man (post workout nutrition to lower cortisol)

Eating like a man has 3 parts, increasing your testosterone levels, lowering your cortisol levels, and lowering your estrogen levels. Take this quiz to see what the biggest barrier is in your training and nutrition:

Man Diet Book [link coming soon]

With your post workout nutrition your focus is to lower your cortisol levels and get the recovery process started.

Have high protein and high carbs (potatoes and starches are best for testosterone).

My post workout meal in the video is ground elk meat + tacos + cheese + salsa. It’s my biggest meal of the day.

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5 Responses

  1. Do you eat fish on daily basis Chad? Like sardines or salmon

  2. St. Michael says:

    Hey Chad, I couldn't help but notice that your meat is sealed in plastic, you are using a teflon pan and it seems like you are also using a plastic spatula… what's up with that?

  3. Sao185 says:

    hey chad great video so u fast now ?

  4. Dan Q. says:

    Poor Teddy sure wanted that elk meat ☺

  5. MattBaker says:

    Where do you get your meat?

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