Pre-Workout Meal For Optimum Performance And Fat Loss!

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► Pre-Workout Meal For Optimum Performance And Fat Loss! ◄

“What do I eat before working out?”

I get asked this question all the time, especially from readers of Simple Programmer.

Most people are clueless as to what they should be putting in their bodies beforehand.

Well, it definitely depends on your own personal goals.

If your goal is to lose and BURN fat, then, this video is for you.

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13 Responses

  1. Mark Symons says:

    You ok mate? Maybe just me, but you seem a little jittery like a junky on edge. Stop over analyzing this stuff. Keep it simple man. 1.3 g protein/kg lean weight and 100g carbs min, fat 25-33% of cal. Stop over analyzing!

  2. Maple Flavor says:

    keep for as long as is reasonable, a positive nitrogen balance. the implication is that you eat regularly. just eat the optimum amount of protein spread throughout the day. 0.70 grams protein per lean pound of bodyweight. caffeine works as the only preworkout you need (assuming you need it). protein powder is a convenience, i enjoy plant based proteins exclusively (biological value is lower but i eat more of it to make up for that fact). you don't need to eat sugar just eat some bananas. ezpz thumbsup4uanyway

  3. Jacob smith says:

    I like this type of video.

  4. Make more videos on cutting please. Cutting is easy until I get to around ~10% body fat. Then my appetite starts to explode even though I eat filling food like oats, vegetables and whole grain bread.

  5. John, you 're procrastinating! Do a version 2.0 if you want to perfect it. But you need to get some feedback first. + you could market it as "Buff Programmers" or something specifically for coders. You know best man, but get it out and then perfect it! Also you could include your injury story and how it relates to this program. Most people are afraid of past injuries (me including) so getting some warm up exercise and mobility is a must for me as a customer.

    Thanks anyways,
    Costas Plassaras

  6. Balls93 says:

    Fuk outta the whey

  7. You should start your own supplement brand and call it "John Swolemez". Would totally buy "John Swolemez' Naked Whey"

  8. Welcome Home!!!

    <3 <3 <3


  9. 你很笨

    Hahahaha, I dare you to force unwrap that before your workout for more energy.

  10. Are you still eating low carb? This essentially carb backloading?

  11. PCFreak says:

    Today I started my second job and the code I'll be writing uses Hibernate which I've never used. I went to Google at the end of the day to search for an introductory course in pluralsight. I clicked the first link and it was a course made by you!! It was awesome to see! Can't wait to go through it 😀

  12. My preworkout meal is white rice, salmon, peas and a preworkout drink. Intra is bcaa powder. Post is white potatoes, turkey, cauliflower. I count my macros. Do you count your macros?

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